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Autumn is Coming

Yay! It's the Oneth of September and I'm happier than the average bear. September is the month that brings us the beautiful Autumnal Equinox which falls officially on September 22nd, my birthday.  Is it any wonder that I love Autumn? I was born for it. Autumn signifies order and routine as the kidlens head off to school. Autumn leaves blow… Continue reading Autumn is Coming

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Quoth the Quirky

Following Jackie's lead, I finally decided to take a go at La Duchesse's TGBOL prompt for the week* because, hey, quirkiness is something this chick can totally get behind. I like quirk. And, if you like quirk, I'm happy to share mine. I hope you will too. 1/Music: Is it possible to get any quirkier than Disco?… Continue reading Quoth the Quirky

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Achieve Your Dreams in 2016

Part Two: Dream SMARTly So, as odd as it may sound, dreams are really goals and ambitions. And, dreams are just as important in giving meaning to your daily tasks as they are when looking ahead to what you hope to accomplish in the future. Read that again. This is important stuff here. It bears taking seriously,… Continue reading Achieve Your Dreams in 2016

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Yank Their Chains: April Fools’ Day Blogging

File this one under Prankenstein’s Monster.

The Daily Post

Washing_of_the_Lions In the 1800s, dedicated jokesters printed official-looking tickets for the fake lion-washing and handed them out all over London.

April Fools’ Day is not a new invention: the first recorded instance of pranksterism is over 300 years old. In 1698, Dawks’s News-Letter reported that “several persons were sent to the Tower [of London] Ditch to see the Lions washed.” The Tower of London’s moat was (and is) lion-free, but suggesting that people visit the Tower for the “washing of the lions” remained a popular prank for several hundred years.

What does this have to do with my blog?

April Fools’ pranks abound in the media; since newspapers, radio, and television reach large numbers of people simultaneously, they’re perfect vehicles for large-scale jokes. Blogs are no different, and April 1st gives you an opportunity to inject a bit of levity (and maybe publish a highly shareable post that brings you some new readers — everyone loves…

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