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Yank Their Chains: April Fools’ Day Blogging

File this one under Prankenstein’s Monster.

The Daily Post

Washing_of_the_Lions In the 1800s, dedicated jokesters printed official-looking tickets for the fake lion-washing and handed them out all over London.

April Fools’ Day is not a new invention: the first recorded instance of pranksterism is over 300 years old. In 1698, Dawks’s News-Letter reported that “several persons were sent to the Tower [of London] Ditch to see the Lions washed.” The Tower of London’s moat was (and is) lion-free, but suggesting that people visit the Tower for the “washing of the lions” remained a popular prank for several hundred years.

What does this have to do with my blog?

April Fools’ pranks abound in the media; since newspapers, radio, and television reach large numbers of people simultaneously, they’re perfect vehicles for large-scale jokes. Blogs are no different, and April 1st gives you an opportunity to inject a bit of levity (and maybe publish a highly shareable post that brings you some new readers — everyone loves…

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