Meet the Clan

Clan Allen, circa 2012
Clan Allen, circa 2012

♥ 1990 Marc and Micki meet in Ethics and Moral Issues, an honors philosophy class taught by Howard Curzer at Texas Tech University.

♥ 1993 Marc and Micki marry at Lakeland Heights Assembly of God Church in Grand Prairie, Texas, thereby establishing “Clan Allen.” Despite the fact that only Marc, Micki, and Pastor Jim Snyder were present for the “elopement” ceremony and the families’ prognostication of “we give it six months, tops,” the marriage has lasted, thusfar, over a quarter of a century. 

♥ 1995 Marc and Micki convert from the Assemblies of God to the Catholic Church (Anglican Use of the Roman Rite), undeterred by their families’ initial horror and panic. Although certain family members were sympathetic, many closely watched the couple for the protusion of horns and tails, and experienced great relief when said apendages never actually came to fruition. 

♥ 1996 Marc and Micki’s firstborn son is born and baptized under the patronage of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of The Society of Jesus (the original Jesuits). Micki holds a special place in her own heart for the somewhat revolutionary Jesuits and continues to consistantly bless their post Vatican II hearts.

♥ 1998 Marc and Micki’s first daughter is born and baptized under the patronage of St. Therese of Lisieux, the Little Flower, third female named as Doctor of the Church and Marc’s adopted patron.

♥ 2000 Marc and Micki’s first and only “surprise” baby (they didn’t learn the sex of Baby until her birth) is born and baptized under the patronage of St. Margaret Clitherow “The Pearl of York,” a mother and martyr who was pressed (the placement of intense weight upon a person, causing eventual suffocation) to death by Protestants for offering sanctuary to Roman Catholic priests in her home.

♥ 2002 Marc and Micki’s third daughter, is born and baptized under the patronage of St. Catherine of Sienna, mystic, second female named as Doctor of the Church. As it turns out, a particularly sassy and assertive saint was the perfect patron of this child.

♥ 2005 Marc and Micki’s identical twins are born and baptized under the patronage of Sts. Cosmas and Damian, twin brothers and physicians in the Roman province of Syria who were martyred under the Roman emperor Diocletian. As Christian physicians they refused payment for their services, thereby attracting many converts to the Christian faith. Under torture to recant their own Christian faith, they refused. They survived being hung on crosses, stoned, and shot by arrows before finally being beheaded. 

♥ 2009 Marc and Micki’s fourth daughter is born and baptized under the patronage of St. Felicitas, a Christian slave to Saint Perpetua, mother, and martyr who was ordered, along with Perpetua) by the governor of Carthage in North Africa to be imprisoned and later scourged, attacked by wild beasts, and finally “put to the sword” in the arena games owing to a decree of Roman emperor Septimius Severus againt conversion to Christianity. As Perpetua and Felicity were equal in martyrdom despite differences in class, together they made the dramatic statement showing Christianity’s ability to transcend social distinctions, in sharp contrast to the inequality that pervaded the Roman religion and social structure.

♥ 2020 Clan Allen survives the Coronavirus and global Quarantine and are also blessed by the birth of their first grandchild. 

♥ 2021 Continuing to survive the global epidemic, Clan Allen is blessed with their second, third, and fourth grandchildren — identical triplets.