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Quoth the Quirky

Following Jackie's lead, I finally decided to take a go at La Duchesse's TGBOL prompt for the week* because, hey, quirkiness is something this chick can totally get behind. I like quirk. And, if you like quirk, I'm happy to share mine. I hope you will too. 1/Music: Is it possible to get any quirkier than Disco?… Continue reading Quoth the Quirky

Random Observations, The Mom Part

Breakfast for Dinner

Breakfast! It isn't just for breakfast any more. Am I the only mom who absolutely loves breakfast for dinner? I suspect that most American households have Cereal Night every once in a while. And our household likely hosts Cereal Night more that the average fam. Because, and this is no secret, this mama doesn't love to… Continue reading Breakfast for Dinner