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When Someone Calls You *Beautiful*

What's your immediate response when someone tells you that you're beautiful? Do you scoff and shake your head? Do you assume that they're just paying lip service or trying to butter you up? Are they stupid or simply mistaken? Are they a liar? We are compelled to love our neighbors. Encouraged to see the beauty in… Continue reading When Someone Calls You *Beautiful*

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Feast on This Friday

We humans, especially we female humans, tend to look for happiness, influence, and inspiration from outside sources. Why is it that we feel we need to be on the sidelines cheering everyone else on and supporting others to achieve their dreams and goals? Though there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a supportive friend and… Continue reading Feast on This Friday

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Tiddy Baby: Confessions of a Coward

I'm embarrassed to admit that I didn't have my first breast exam until I was 44 years old. Even harder to admit is the fact that one of my sisters is a breast cancer survivor and even her life-threatening ordeal didn't convince me to get myself to a mammographer. Good grief! I've personally known six women who've… Continue reading Tiddy Baby: Confessions of a Coward

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Looking for a Bit of the Ultraviolet

Ultraviolet rays. The word sounds like something plucked from a 50s B-horror movie; in other words, it sounds like sci-fi jargon that is completely innocuous in real-life. But they aren't. If you're under the age of 30 you've undoubtedly been lectured your whole life about the damage the sun's rays can do to your skin. Health experts… Continue reading Looking for a Bit of the Ultraviolet

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HOT Goodies for a COOL Vibe

mark. introduces it's colorful new Buenos Aires collection, featuring Brand Ambassador Lucy Hale. Everything you need to carry your cool vibe through the summer is available at Take a look. Lucy Hale looks stunning in mark.'s new Instant Vacation Buenos Aires collection Take It Or Leaf It Tee! Are you going to try this trend,… Continue reading HOT Goodies for a COOL Vibe