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Here’s to Hedy, the Brilliant Bombshell

I adore Beauty. Beautiful pictures, beautiful people, beautiful films, beautiful stories, beautiful clothes, beautiful music, beautiful anything.

I admire Brilliance. Brains, nerds, geeks, shrewd people, you name it. I admire bright ideas, sage wisdom, anyone who speaks fluent math, and even those who are just quick witted.


I am in awe of Hedy Lamarr, actress, mathematician, and inventor. She was the entire package. She was the only actress to earn a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and be inducted into America’s National Inventors Hall of Fame. 


Married six times throughout the course of her life, her autobiography suggests she was flattered, but also frustrated, by the attention she received from the opposite sex.  Never content to be just a beautiful face, Ms. Lamarr insisted on being treated with the respect she was entitled to, no easy feat for a woman born ahead of her time.

hedy on marriage

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