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Feast on This Friday: Fears & Phobias

  Fears. We all have 'em. Some of them are just practical nuisances but other can be completely life-altering. When I use the term "nuisances," I mean not being able to fall asleep until your feet are properly tucked under the covers, far from the prying hands of the mucussy goblins that live under your bed.… Continue reading Feast on This Friday: Fears & Phobias

The Movie Lover Part

Bravo, Birdman!

In one word, Birdman is brilliant. In several words it's somber, intelligent, scathing, existential, satirical, breath-taking, allegorical, and hilarious. And that's only in the first half of the film. After three viewings, I've found that the genius of this brutally dark comedy lies in the fact that I was blown-away by the desperately beautiful performances the first time… Continue reading Bravo, Birdman!