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But it Was on Sale: Surviving the Tragedy of NBR

Non-buyers remorse, known in retail therapy circles as NBR, is that cruel condition wherein the consumer experiences intense regret for failing to finalize the purchase of a much desired item. Regardless of the precautions we take, it happens to even the best of us. When it strikes, the results can be devastating. Symptoms can include hand-wringing, lip-biting, and general… Continue reading But it Was on Sale: Surviving the Tragedy of NBR

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Enjoying Retail Therapy … Online

Did you know that Retail Therapy is a real thing? While many actual therapists scoff at the notion of calling the act of shopping "therapy," there are some brave therapists who aren't afraid to bypass their $100 an hour fee and admit that shopping for mood elevation, comfort, and catharsis actually works!  Hello? Sounds like therapy to… Continue reading Enjoying Retail Therapy … Online