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THE VVITCH: A Deadly Descent into Paranoia

The Witch has been number one on my must-see list for some time, so of course I insisted on seeing it on opening day before my viewing could be influenced by critics' reviews. Basically, I went in to Robert Eggers' debut feature knowing only that it had garnered quite  bit of attention at last year's Sundance Film Festival, that it… Continue reading THE VVITCH: A Deadly Descent into Paranoia

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Hating God but Singing Anyway

Have you ever hated God? Growing up, I used to spend a month or so of every summer visiting with my maternal grandparents. I now understand that it was a practicality -- a time to give my single-mom what I'm sure was a much needed break, but I always assumed it was just a special time… Continue reading Hating God but Singing Anyway