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Get it Together, Woman!

When working from home, you may find yourself getting overwhelmed by all of the paperwork and all of the responsibility that comes along with being a business owner. You try to keep your work separated from your family, but sometimes you'll find that you get your personal paperwork mixed up with your work stuff. The following… Continue reading Get it Together, Woman!

Direct Selling Advice, My Avon Team, The Avon Part

Before Beginning Your Independent Business

Before you begin an at-home business, it's a great idea to do some research into the various direct marketing companies before you sign on the dotted line. If you're naturally self-motivated and have basic business and social skills, you're already ahead of the curve and can make really good money with the right company. Of… Continue reading Before Beginning Your Independent Business

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I’m Not Sure I Can Work from Home with Little Ones in Tow

As you know, I have seven children. Three of whom were born after I started my independent business with Avon over ten years ago. All three were high risk babies (the first two were premature twins and the last was a NICU baby); yet I never missed an order -- in fact, I'm happy to say that I've… Continue reading I’m Not Sure I Can Work from Home with Little Ones in Tow

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Join AVON Today!

Interested in starting your own independent Avon business? Well, ordering your AVON Starter Kit for only $15 is quick and easy. Simply go to this website: (Be sure the reference code is mickiallen in order to be linked to my team.) Fill in all your information, and five minutes later you'll be an official independent… Continue reading Join AVON Today!