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An Open Letter to Oscar Winners

Kudos to you on your award-winning performance in X. I know that the millions upon millions of dollars you garnered from your film, not to mention the millions more that you'll no doubt reap from future movie, television, and commercial offers seein' as how you've finally reached that most enviable "Oscar Winning Actor" status that can be… Continue reading An Open Letter to Oscar Winners

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A Sexy Twist on Positive Body Image

Lane Bryant has put a sexy spin on the popular Victoria's Secret Angel campaign with it's own cunning new #ImNoAngel campaign. Some people have taken offense, stating that LB is actually attacking Angels and slender women and even promoting "unhealthy lifestyles" ... WHAT? Lane Bryant is clearly celebrating all women. At its harshest, it's a good-natured poke in the eye… Continue reading A Sexy Twist on Positive Body Image