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G’night, Sweet Prince

One of my earliest fangirl crushes, Prince, has died. Regardless of what you thought of his ever-morphing sound, he was an incredibly gifted artist and shrewd business person. His fluid style and illusive personality drew fans of all ilks and accolades from the four corners of the globe. His passing is a terribly shameful loss. Requiescat… Continue reading G’night, Sweet Prince

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5 Things this Texan Discovered in New York

So, my spice took me to New York last week to see Jessica Lange performing with an ensemble cast to die for [or drool over, depending on your bent] in Eugene O'Neill's Long Day's Journey Into Night. A magnificent four-hour free-fall  into the unpalatable bowels of addiction, depression and blame. It was wonderful! You can check out… Continue reading 5 Things this Texan Discovered in New York