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Christ’s Love vs. the Church’s Condemnation of His Children

It isn't a secret that I have a difficult time reconciling my love for Jesus Christ, as well as His undying love for us, with the hellfire and brimstone teachings we often grow up hearing from pulpits across the nation. Let's face it, it was Christ Himself who beautifully and brazenly pissed off all the… Continue reading Christ’s Love vs. the Church’s Condemnation of His Children

Life Lessons

Help for Now-Adult Children of Divorce

If you witnessed divorce as a child yourself, you may have seen things you shouldn't have seen, heard things you shouldn't have heard, had to bear burdens children should never have to bear. According to US statistics, most of us witnessed divorced as children¹; and not only that, but many of us as current adults,… Continue reading Help for Now-Adult Children of Divorce

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Hating God but Singing Anyway

Have you ever hated God? Growing up, I used to spend a month or so of every summer visiting with my maternal grandparents. I now understand that it was a practicality -- a time to give my single-mom what I'm sure was a much needed break, but I always assumed it was just a special time… Continue reading Hating God but Singing Anyway