“I’m Here for You.”

Micki is a relentlessly compassionate human being abiding in the great state of Texas, but working with a vast array of clients from across the United States. She is also a fiercely loyal wife of one and mother of seven children.

As a Certified Life Coach, specializing in Intimacy and Relationships, and an Adult Sexual Health and Pleasure Educator, her ongoing mission is to educate faith-filled women (and often their partners) so they may embrace living pleasure-filled relationships and lives.

As a Master Certified Hypnosis Professional, her greatest desire is to offer hope and help to those who struggle with challenges commonly associated with hypnosis as well as ​for concerns that some people do not realize can benefit from hypnosis. As a Certified Instructor of the 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® system, which is a spiritually* directed form of self-hypnosis, Micki gives clients the tools they need and can use for the rest of their lives to work on any issue they are challenged by and how to do so in the privacy of their own minds … forever.


 *If you are not a “spiritual” person, that is all right. You can still benefit a great deal from the practice of The 7th Path™ as a form of personal meditation.