Relationship Coaching & Pleasure Education

As an Intimacy & Relationship Coach, my ongoing mission is to educate and guide women (and couples) so they may embrace living pleasure-filled relationships and lives. My approach is faith-friendly, science-sound, and pleasure-positive. As a certified Advanced Sexual Health & Pleasure Educator, I offer a full range of curriculum for my clients from Female Anatomy and Arousal to Pleasure Mapping Techniques and more. I specialize in assisting women with deeply personal sexual issues that involve shame, fear, and intimacy.


Also, as a Master Certified Hypnosis Professional, I offer instruction in 7th Path™ Self-hypnosis which is a mind-body-spirit approach which can prove to be life-changing and empowering to anyone who uses it. For clients who are having an especially difficult time identifying the root cause of their ongoing relational and personal challenges, I can integrate the globally proven and powerful method of 5-PATH® Hypnosis

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