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Yeah, She’s Still Alive

I didn’t actually disappear, folks. I’ve been busy bloggin’ at The Information You Should’ve Had [now entitled Faithful Sex], working full time with my hypnosis and coaching clients, continuing my education, fostering my women’s Facebook group, and basically tryin’ to be a decent wonderwife and mom of many.

Two Important Notes: (1) Since my domain name was quickly usurped by a European company the very second my original rights to it were up, I had to lamentably bide my time for that place to go out of business in order to get my name back. The moment it was again available, I thought I’d give it a good home — back where it belongs  — here. With me. (2) I’ll still be focusing my bloggin’ efforts at FaithfulSex and I encourage you to follow me there if you’re of a mind to; still, I thought it wise to check in and overhaul my original site and blog space while assigning it as the single springboard for my other projects. Besides, lookin’ back at old posts shows me just how far I’ve moved ahead — and in some cases, fallen short — over the years and serves as happy reminders of the friends I’ve met, and in many cases retained lo these many years. It also offers you insight into the woman you may decide to work with, so it’s a win-win!

Be blessed and passionate.


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