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5 Things this Texan Discovered in New York

So, my spice took me to New York last week to see Jessica Lange performing with an ensemble cast to die for [or drool over, depending on your bent] in Eugene O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey Into Night. A magnificent four-hour free-fall  into the unpalatable bowels of addiction, depression and blame. It was wonderful! You can check out the theater and the rest of the available performances here.

Starring Gabriel Byrne, *the* Jessica Lange, Michael Shannon, and John Gallagher, Jr. Roundabout Theatre Company | New York, New York

Here are some things this native Texian learned while on her first official trip to  New York.

  • In NY, pigeons are basically the equivalent of TX squirrels. A newcomer may find them cute and fascinating, but to natives, they’re just rats with wings. And, they’re huge. I swear you could leash some of those fellas.

rats with wings

  • New Yorkers get a really bad rap. “Northern Hospitality” is actually a thing. Most of the people I encountered were super friendly. Sure, they did talk funny, but they were sayin’ nice stuff. I think.



  • Be prepared to take a cab. Everywhere. Every. Where. Otherwise, the hustle ‘n bustle of bodies will make you feel like you’re the last sperm tryin’ to reach the elusive egg.
00_TimesSquare_Photo Marley White
Times Square | Photo credit: Marley White
  • New York may be “the city that never sleeps” but be prepared to see people sleepin’ in the strangest of places.


  • New Yorkers don’t cotton to cold weather in Spring. I’ve never heard so many complaints about a delightful Springtime chill in the air. Sure, it was 90 degrees when I left Texas, so I appreciated the 50 degree sunshine, but still. What’s wrong with y’all? Real Spring is a luxury. Just sayin’.

The Bottom Line: I didn’t love New York, per se. But! I really liked the people in New York.

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