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God is Slightly Crazy, Right?

I ran across this modest little poem in the earliest hours of this morning and it struck me in such a significant way, that I read and re-read it several times, trying to digest its considerable meaning, while grinning from ear to ear. I must admit that I admire anyone cheeky enough to give God what-for, especially in such an honest and tender way, so I made inquiry with its author, Thomas D*. He has generously allowed me permission to share it with you. May you find it as meaningful as I do.


Psalm Zero

*About Thomas

Thomas was graduated from the Boston Latin School in 1987, and attended the University of Massachusetts for three semesters. In recent years, his poems have appeared in The Christendom Review, in Dappled Things, and in Plainsongs. His self-published books of poetry include Under all Silences and Chasing the Waves, available through

Thomas lives in a “wicked awesome” suburb of Boston, Massachusetts.

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