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Standing back and watching the crowd of chatting and laughing relatives fill my sister’s living room for my father’s 90th birthday party, it dawned on me that all of these wonderful and unique beings gathered for celebration were actually related to me. That somehow, miraculously, God had seen fit to intertwine the lives and love of all of these individuals within one family. It was my family. I belonged with them and to them, and they likewise with and to me.

Daddy 90 Bday

Isn’t it amazing when you think about it in the larger context of humanity? Somehow, miraculously, we are all related as members of one ginormous family: the human family. We all belong to something so much bigger and even more significant than ourselves. We, all of us, have our own strengths and failings, hopes and dreams, our own loves and losses. No matter how small or insignificant we may feel at times, we are always an important and relevant piece of the whole that is mankind.


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