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Achieve Your Dreams in 2016

Part One: What The Heck is a Dream Anyway?

Not long ago, I read the quote, “Follow your dreams; they know the way.” What a flowery crock, was my first response. It’s easy to tell someone to follow their dreams, but what does that really even mean? What are dreams and how do people actually achieve them?

As I began to research the subject, I noticed that goals and dreams were used, if not interchangeably, then at least in tandem. It seemed that dreams just sounded so much more lofty than goals. To say that I wanted to visit Scotland sounded far-off and lofty enough. But I knew it wasn’t an attainable and realistic expectation for the foreseeable future. The grandness of the scale stopped me cold in my tracks. I needed a more realistic dream.

You know Micki’s an Optimist if grocery shopping is a Dream instead of a Nightmare.

To say that I dream of grocery shopping for my family sounds utterly ridiculous, but feeding my family is a very important daily task that must be done in order to keep myself, my husband, and seven children fed and healthy. Not to mention happy. It’s been proven my kids tend to mutiny when they’re hungry. And, familial insurrection is simply not conducive to my overall success as a mother or to my happiness in any shape, form, or fashion. But, that is what I really want while I’m on this planet: Success and Happiness.

In the larger context of Life, goals and dreams … they’re one and the same. A dream is an aspiration; goal; aim. A goal is the aim of an action or task that a person consciously desires to achieve or obtain. *

So, the blunt bottom line is: What are my goals? And, how do I get them done? Now that I have a handle on what a dream truly is, I can dig in more effectively and find a way to achieve them.

[to be continued…]

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