Random Observations, The Mom Part

Breakfast for Dinner


Breakfast! It isn’t just for breakfast any more. Am I the only mom who absolutely loves breakfast for dinner? I suspect that most American households have Cereal Night every once in a while. And our household likely hosts Cereal Night more that the average fam. Because, and this is no secret, this mama doesn’t love to cook.

Breakfast for Dinner doesn’t have to be Cereal Night every time. Pancakes and sausage or scrambles eggs and bacon are super suppers! We’ve gone many a Lenten season with fluffy pancakes every Friday night. Hold the sausage, of course.

Let’s see…what else? Waffles and chicken are a perfect breakfast disguised as dinner. Big ‘ol biscuits and sausage gravy. Scones and yogurt. Breakfast quiches. Baked oatmeal. The possibilities are practically endless! OMG, is anyone else getting hungry here? And, why hasn’t someone devoted a national holiday to this grand idea?

I say we all declare tonight Breakfast for Dinner Night!

Throw in some fruit to produce the appearance of
Throw in some fruit to produce the appearance of “Hey, it’s healthy!”

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