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Having a Bad Bod Day?

Let’s face it, we all have bad bod days. By way of comparison, bad hair days are a breeze when compared to bad bod days. For bad hair days, God created ponytails and braids. For exceptionally frustrating bad hair days, some genius invented baseball caps. But, for bad bod days … well, sometimes the remedies have to be a bit bolder.

Bad Hair Days are a Breeze with Baseball Caps
Bad Hair Days are a Breeze with Baseball Caps

Of course, the bad bod days always seem to happen on the one day we happily wake from our slumber with excited anticipation of showing off a new fashion find. A day when even Marc Jacobs can’t cure what ails you. Mondays are usually the days that something about my bod enjoys hitting me with a little shock and awe … or some such humiliation.

Bad bod days are those days when it seems that absolutely nothing we do is going to make us feel good about our appearance. Whether it be stubborn eyebrows that refuse to look like anything other than fuzzy caterpillars — or anorexic caterpillars after you’ve desperately plucked most of the little suckers out — or the horrifying blemish that you woke up with that could double as a disturbing third eye.

Pluck with Caution.
Pluck with Caution.

So what’s to be done with our bad bod days? My first piece of advice is to tell your inner critic to shut the hell up. Stop listening to her. Yes, this is usually easier said than done, but keep this in mind: your IC will always and forever be the Debbie Downer of your confidence party. So for now, kick her sorry butt to the curb. Don’t worry … that bitch’ll be back. Just remind yourself that you don’t have to deal with her today. I call this the Scarlet O’Hara Approach and it works wonders for me and my daughters.

Next, focus on the fabulous. C’mon, friends. We all have at least one part of ourselves that we feel good about. It can be a physical trait. Did you just get a perfect pedi? Throw on your favorite sandals and twinkle your toes for the world to see. Can’t tame that unruly cowlick? I’ve got great news for you! The Bridget Bardot, just-rolled-out-of-bed look is always in style.  Or, it can be an inner quality that you find attractive about yourself. Are you a nurturing friend? Do you like to volunteer? Get out there and DO something you’re awesome at and revel in the fact that your body does not define you. It’s your Earth Suit … and it’s malleable.

Easy Peasy Updo at Your Service
Easy Peasy Updo at Your Service


Thirdly, step … away … from … the … mirror. You know that you are really so much more than the pimple on your chin, so stop looking at it, for goodness’ sake! Take some time to reflect on your inner fabulous self — assuming you aren’t a horrible person, of course.

And, last but not least, I recommend some Radical Self Acceptance. If your IC is still trying to throw nasty comments your way, counter her with caring self-thoughts. Speak to yourself as you would your bestie. You aren’t looking for her flaws because you love her no matter what. Turn that love and acceptance inward. Granted, my BFF actually would be liable to say, “Damn Girl! What’s up with that zit on your face?!” But she would immediately counter her outburst with a “Screw it, it’ll be gone by tomorrow” or at the very least a “Don’t sweat it, Girlfriend. Lunch is on me!”

Grab Your Bestie for Brunch
Grab Your Bestie for Brunch


**If you are having serious challenges to developing and maintaining a positive body image, please start here.

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