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Team Beauty’s Top 10 Tips for Using Social Media to
Promote Online Sales


  • Avon provides, free of charge, all the tools you need to use on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and by email. If you aren’t already using these tools, I strongly encourage you to set up all of these accounts today!
  • Always get a phone number and email address from every (potential) customer. This way, your Social Media pages will be more likely to pick up the contacts in your phone or email address book. The more you have, the better!
  • Go to your Web Office and add everyone you have an email address or phone number for to your Customers List in your Web Office. You may want to categorize them by Media Groups (one for everyone on Facebook; one for every person on Twitter; etc.) or, like me, toss them ALL into one group so no one is inadvertently left out.
  • Because you may not have contacts for everyone you know, go to and on your personal eStore page you can ask your customers to connect with your Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, You Tube, and Tumblr pages. Once they are following you on these resources, they can receive alerts and updates about your Avon business as you post them.
  • Edit the “About Me” and other sub-pages of your personal eStore to further ingratiate yourself to your potential customers. Keep the content light and positive (i.e., professional).
  • Use your eStore Editor to update the offers and pictures Avon provides each campaign to make the display fit your personality and/or your customer demographic.
  • Complete the “To-Do This Campaign” guide at the Social Media page EVERY campaign.
  • Be sure to use the Campaign Tools section of website to be “in the know” with special eStore promotions and share them with EVERYONE.
  • Be consistent in using the Social Media tools (under Web Office at pre-designed by AVON to use at ALL of your favorite Social Media sites.
  • We are Business Owners and should proudly project and promote ourselves as such. If you are prone to posting about Politics, Religion, or Personal Complaints (The “Some people are such &*^%!” type of rants), keep in mind that you may alienate A LOT of your potential, and even your established, customer base. If you cannot keep your Social Media site positive and inspiring, you may opt to have an “AVON only” Facebook, Twitter, etc. set up – but it will greatly reduce your media influence and may even defeat the purpose altogether.

As more people see your content, the more likely they are to engage with it, or contact you about Avon. Look for the right balance. You don’t want to post the same message 10 times a day, overwhelming your news feeds. Keep content fresh and engaging to keep people coming back for more.

Build Your Sociall Media (Avon PowerPoint Presentation)
Build Your Social Media (Avon PowerPoint Presentation)

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