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I’m Not Sure I Can Work from Home with Little Ones in Tow

As you know, I have seven children. Three of whom were born after I started my independent business with Avon over ten years ago. All three were high risk babies (the first two were premature twins and the last was a NICU baby); yet I never missed an order — in fact, I’m happy to say that I’ve never missed an order in ten years because of the wonderful support I received from family, friends, and loyal customers.

mi familia
mi familia

Whenever I was forced to stay in the hospital, my friends and family passed out brochures for me. New customers were willing to pick up their orders from my home. My faithful customers agreed to place their orders online, having Avon ship products directly to their homes. In fact, when the twins were born, my husband “held them ransom” telling everyone that “You can’t see the babies unless you take one of Micki’s brochures.” Everyone was happy to oblige his light-hearted request. And, if they didn’t need one for themselves, they shared them with their neighbors, co-workers, and other people they knew on my behalf.

My online sales carried me through these rough patches, and this was WAY back in the day when the concept of eRepresentatives had just launched with Avon and we were still paying to have the novelty of an Avon website. As an aside, I was gladly willing to pay for the website because I was thrilled to have yet another venue to offer my products. You mean customers can find us on the Internet!? Yes! And now, over ten years later, you’ll find that customers are actually looking for Avon representatives online. Avon even has an app for your phone so that you can manage your business on the go. Online shopping tends to be easier, less of a hassle, can be done in your pajamas, and at any time day or night. The concept of shopping by computer and phone is here to stay. Thank God!


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