My Avon Team

You are the Key to your Success with AVON

We all know that January can be a little slow; but you work your plan, stay consistent, and prepare for the upcoming months. When others give up on their business and themselves YOU are the one that will capitalize on lost customers since their AVON lady “went missing”.

We don’t close our stores … ever. Our eStores are always working for us and we offer brand new brochures every 2 weeks — it’s that simple. Even over the holidays, my eStore didn’t close; but I made sure everything was in place before my holiday vacation & family time. Success requires good time management and great customer service.

This is a business. For those of you who are working to make it a true source of income, you must remember to treat it as a business or it will not work for you. Keep your clients happy by staying consistent. Whatever you do, don’t let your clients down — or they will start looking elsewhere.

Work AVON and AVON will work for you! Here’s to your success in 2015!

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